Media Project: COMPLETE.

A couple weekends ago Jae (one of my counterparts), Tree (the community development officer) and I took the youth to Thale Noi for an overnight camp to learn about creating media and making short films. It was the final activity from our สสส grant that I blogged about early in October. The first half of camp was sanook maak (very fun). We played games, sang songs and climbed to the top of the newly built tower at Thale Noi.

First trip up with group 1!

First trip up with group 1!

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with ten 9-11 year olds while the older youth watched a powerpoint presentation on making short films. We played a lot of games, climbed the tower a couple times and laughed a lot. 

Presenting group names

Presenting group names


Tower at Thale Noi

Tower at Thale Noi


View from the top!

Just hanging out with some of the kiddos

Just hanging out with some of the kiddos

I went to Songkhla Province for my first time and visited a floating market. Klong Dan is what it’s called. It had narrow bridges without railings. Uneven boards and a ton of people. There were so many different snacks from fruits to fried shrimp and of course the usual Chaa Yen (iced tea)!

At the Market!

At the Market!

After returning from the market, we spent the evening in our groups creating a storyboard for our short films.

To create a storyboard, you take a piece of paper and section it off into the number of scenes that you want to have in your short film. Then in you draw out the scene and underneath it write the details of the scene.

The short films were about different issues that the youth felt strongly about, with the theme of “active citizen”: education, changing, responsibility, relationships, etc. It was up to the group to create the storyline and decide who would be the characters.

Sunday we spent the day filming, creating, editing and watching the videos!

1961913_311842589017611_7362899788407987849_o 1966337_311842779017592_7959974764518474649_o (1) 10496195_311843322350871_8283147756837877899_o


Below is the link to one of my favorite short films!

แค่คุณเปลี่ยน.. (How you change)

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